PPH 707 SB

PPH 707 SB


The PPH 707 SB is a unique model with the following components :
• Single-piece sprayer body ensuring perfect leaktightness at elbow. Highly compact component equipped with control nanovalves installed as close as possible to the bell cup. (minimization of paint and rinsing product losses, reduction of colour changing times).

Specific streamlined design completely eliminates the risk of particles or drops splashing onto the parts to be painted.
• Fastening nut for quick removal (about 10 seconds with a single wrench), saves maintenance and inspection times. The same nut also serves to protect the spray. Access to the various components is possible without removing the spray from the robot arm.
• High-voltage system integrated through a “UHT 157″ unit that can be disconnected manually.
• “Air/product” unions can be removed individually from the front.
• New “HVT” high-speed turbine for bell cup with magnetic fastening system.
• Easy removal using a very simple tool, without removing the outer air shroud. Bell cup can be fitted without tools.
• Double circuit, with no regulator, with two coil tubes on each product inlet pipe. Different coil lengths can be used (long coil for low-resistivity paint, short coil for high resistivity).

High-performance production
• Powerful high-voltage unit designed to operate under tough operating conditions (soiling, application in vehicle interiors, etc.).
• Turbine control : Microphone or fibre-optic connection available.
• Magnetic fastening system for bell cup (SAMES patent).
• Paint lines are grounded so that there is no high voltage in the robot wrist.
• New “Remote Bell Cup” bell monitoring device, a dynamic detection system ensuring that the bell cup is present and in the correct position.
Easy maintenance
• Disconnectable high-voltage unit.
• Fast access to components (high-voltage supply, unions, coils, etc.).
• Streamlined design (prevents particles and drops splashing)
• Special unions with double seals (radial + axial)
– No product retention = optimum rinsability
– No in-service seal wear
– No restrictions = no pressure drop
• Spray fitting check : The new “QD check” feature ensures that the body is correctly fastened to the quick-disconnect plate to avoid fitting errors.
HI-TE Combined shaping airs
Available with the 35 EC, 50 & 65 bell cup, the HI-TE combined shaping airs makes the sprayer extremely versatile : HI-TE allows quick move from a close pattern (about 150 mm) to a larger pattern (about 450 mm). This tool makes the window of operation of the sprayer very wide, it is indeed possible to paint the inside of a car body with close areas as well as the outside larger surfaces, without any change of the head of sprayer.

Enhanced clean of the head :
Two independent air arrivals are integrated into the end of the stainless steel shaping air, avoiding any disturbance during the spraying. The drilling of air outlets are made on the same diameter which makes a streamline head and limits dirt. Thus SAMES increases the production time of the sprayer between phases of cleanup.
The SAMES PPH range is equipped with a high-speed turbine (HVT). The PPH 707 SB sprayer guarantees a high-quality finish for solvent-based paints. It is mounted on all types of multi-axis robots and can meet all your technical requirements :
• Spraying (primer, base coat, resurfacing, clear coat, etc.)
• Finish
• VOC control
• Maintenance
• Product saving
• High flow rate
• High speed

The high-speed turbine matches the quality of PAM BTM turbines and incorporates all the latest improvements. It allows frictionless rotation without wear and ensures long service life for components.

• Optimum application quality over a wide range of paint flow rates (up to 1000 cc/min).
This allows our customers to step up production rates, reduce the number of robots required to paint a vehicle and apply metallic paints for base coats and resurfacing using a bell-bell process.• Air consumption equivalent to that of a conventional turbine (PAM BTM).
• Make-up air to the rear of the bell cup, significantly reducing container, air shroud and turbine pollution.
• Crash resistance (i.e. in the event of a sudden interruption of air supply).
• Repairable on site, thus allowing customers to maintain constant operation at a lower cost.
• Interchangeable parts (maintenance parts can be replaced in series without being calibrated together).

  • Color change: PPH 707 – SB
  • Rinsing product consumption: 300 cm3
  • Standard process time: 10 sec. (avec/with REVERSE FLUSH)
  • Optimized process time: 5 sec. (avec/with REVERSE FLUSH)
  • Same color (head rinsing + bell cup): PPH 707 – SB
  • Rinsing product consumption: 50 cm3
  • Time: 6 sec.