PPH 308

PPH 308


PPH 308-EXT is dedicated for applying non-flammable or not easily flammable waterborne paints.
The electrostatic charge made by ionization (or indirect charge) is called external charge : The particles get electrically charged by passing close to electrodes external to the sprayer.

The paint feeding system remains ground wired :
• No necessary modification of the existing paint circuit.
• From an existing solvent installation switched to waterborne, only the PPH 308-EXT would be installed in order to spray the new materials = limited costs.
Paint application :
Application with a PPH 308-EXT is similar with all points to a traditional PPH 308. The sweeping speed of a PPH 308-EXT can reach up to 400 mm/s.
Configurations :
PPH 308-EXT is delivered with a spraying set made of a bell cup EC65 associated to a straight air shroud.
Several sets made of PPH 308-EXT and peripheral modules are available, in order to allow an easy integration (see basic configurations on back page).

Air-magnetic bearing turbine (TPAM S6) :
PPH 308-EXT is equipped with an air-magnetic turbine (SAMES patent). This technique permits to avoid all wearing or vibrating concerns, even with the highest rotating speed : The bell cup is spinning on the principle of an air bearing which allows a high rotating speed, a thiner spraying of paint particles, thus a higher finishing quality.

Guidance secured by an magnetic bearing, coupled to an air bearing,
• Regulation of rotation speed,
• No mechanical bearing, no rolls thus no mechanical wearing,
• Paint input direct from the centre up to bell cup = optimized paint circuit reducing necessary quantity to start and easy rinsing phase,
• Bell cup fitted onto the turbine thanks to a magnetic clip (exclusively on Sames bells), mounting and dismounting of the bell cup are fast, easy and simple, which results in a reduced maintenance cost,
• The external shroud improves the penetration of the paint pattern into the part to coat, moreover with high flow rates (> 350 cc/min).
• The bell cup EC65 mm allows a very wide range of patterns, 150 to 400 mm wide. This bell cup associated to PPH 308-EXT is specified as the assembly being ATEX certified.

• Cost effective solution : gives access to all benefits of the electrostatic charge and linked advantages : High-transfer efficiency, regular application, high quality of finishing.
• Compliance with environment protecting regulations, as a drastic decrease of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) is made possible.
• Easy operating for application of waterborne materials : PPH 308-EXT can be mounted onto an existing line, without modification of feeding equipments.
• Possibility to use unlimited number of colours and to achieve fast colour changes.
• No insulation of paint circuits to consider, thus no paint tank under HV tension = increased safety.

  • Paint flow: 30 à 500 cm3/min (selon peinture)
  • Rotation speed (round/mn): 5000 à 45 000 tr/min en charge
  • Application speed: jusqu’à 400 mm/min
  • Operating voltage: 80 kV – 500 ìA
  • Diameter (mm): 65 mm
  • Weight (kg): env. 3.5 kg
  • Fluid viscosity: 12 à 45 sec. C.FORD 4
  • Total air consumption: 20 à 45 Nm3/h
  • Operating air pressure: 6 bar maxi (90 psi)
  • Operating pressure: 6 à 10 bar (90 à 150 psi)
  • Product pressure (bar): 150 psi) 10 bar maxi (150 psi)