Perfect for complex tubular parts such as tubes, frameworks, chassis, tables.
Compliant with aTEx Directive :
inEris 14aTEx014
ii 2 g
0,24 mJ
To be used in zone 1

  • Reduced number of components
    Wide range available
  • Built-in HT generator
  • Adjustable tension with integrated safety circuit
  • Light and ergonomic
  • Option : ventilated air double sleeve hose
  • Comes in a case complete with gun wrench and screwdriver, gun cover, hose sleeve, laminated safety sheet, service manual, aircap and KMV nozzle
  • Easy field repair
  • For a large range of materials
  • Low voltage cable and user-friendly operation
  • Adjustment of the electrostatic effect to the part to be painted and the fluid sprayed
  • User friendly
  • Maximum wrap-around effect for materials with viscosity lower than 5 Mohms.cm
  • Ready to use gun/quick and simple maintenance

Maximum air inlet pressure (bar):  7 (101 psi)
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) : 7 (101 psi)
Weight w/o hose nor cable (g): 488
Fluid output (cc/mn):  fom 100 to 1000 upon viscosity
Pattern width (mm):  de 90 à 400
Lenght (cm):  23
Recommended fluid viscosity: 50 s CA4 max
Probe voltage: 0 – 60 kV
Maximum current:  80 μA
Maximum temperature (°C):  45
Wetted parts:  Titanium, Tungsten, Chemraz®- PA12, PEBD, PEEK
Fan type: Round pattern Super Vortex Ø(mm) 8 – 12 & 6 (option) Flat pattern
Hoses Length (m):  7,5 – 12 & 25 (option)