Moduclean & Moduflow

Moduclean & Moduflow


MODUCLEAN and MODUFLOW are colour-changer blocks, their compact and modular design allows adding several components (slices).
Each slice allows using two products (paint or rinsing product) thanks to microvalves.
The colour-changer block is used similarly with all the automatic spraying equipment : PPH 707, TRP 500, ACCUBELL, etc…
The Moduclean slice includes an insulating needle that allows cutting the product input upstream of the micro-valve. This latter can be then replaced without cleaning the paint circuit and without stopping the possible product circulation (in its version “with return circuit”).

Modular :
The slices are easily added up or removed thanks to snap-on bar (no tool required). Each slice ensures a perfect tightness of the product passage.

Product saving :
The reduced dimensions of the MODUCLEAN or MODUFLOW blocks allow their fi tting close to the sprayer, thus shortening the product hosing length : optimized colour-change time, minimized rinsing product consumption and paint losses.

Simplified maintenance :
The micro-valve can quickly be changed without removing the MODUCLEAN block and without stopping the product circulation : no production stop.

  • Control: Air filtré, déshydraté, déshuilé
  • Control pressure: 5 à 8 bar
  • Response time: 50 ms avec 0.5 de tuyau de 2.7x4mm de diamètre et 300 ms avec 15m de tuyau de 2.7x4mm de diamètre
  • Back pressure: 40 bar maximum
  • Supply pressure: 10 bar maximum
  • Viscosity range: 40° Coupe AFNOR 4 maxi
  • Masse équipé: 250 g