Gear Pump

Gear Pump


The gear pump is used for the supply of liquid paints, either solvent or water based, for all Sames automatic sprayers.

The gear pump ensures a paint flow that is proportional to its rotation speed. Its use ensures a regular and accurate flow. The pump has to be supplied with a product at 0.5 bar pressure. In the case of a distribution system, the product pressure regulator is to be connected before the pump, whereas a flow meter is always connected after the pump. Upstream pressure facilitates priming but also ensures the flow corresponding to the capacity and speed of the pump.

  • Pressure: Pilotage vanne / Vanne pilot
  • Max operating air pressure (bar): 6 (90 psi)
  • Mini operating air pressure (bar): 3 (45 psi)
  • Operating air supply: ø2.7×4
  • Mini. inlet product pressure (bar): 0.5 (7.5 psi) pour faciliter l’amorçage
  • Maxi. inlet product pressure (bar): 2 (30 psi)
  • Maxi. outlet product pressure (bar): 10 (150 psi)
  • Max rotation speed (tr/min): 220